Plasma cutting

One of the areas of engineering production is plasma cutting (oxy-acetylene burner) from various materials (asheet and plate, steel, stainless steel, tool steel, square tubes, etc.).

Thanks to quality machines for plasma cutting we produce a precise shaped blank according to your supplied design documentation, including thick-cut products.

So it is up to you which shape of a cut product you need. 

Our firm has two machines for shaped plasma cutting, it is a very precise plasma technology.

You can supply your material or you can use the material from our assortment.

Main advantages of our machines for plasma cutting:

  • High quality and accuracy of a cut,
  • Low operating and investment costs,
  • Maximum cutting width: 3500 mm,
  • Maximum cutting length: 12000 mm.

We prepare price calculation to tailor to your needs and if necessary, we help you with technical details.

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