Engineering trading company with its own production facilities

KT MetSteel a.s.

Comprehensive mechanical manufacturing. From the supply of metallurgical material and cut shape products, through subsequent machining, welding, up to the final own transport expedition. We deal with either made-to-order or serial production.

More about our company

Sales Department

All members of our Sales department have experience with the supply of metallurgical material and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the interconnection with production facilities they provide possibilities for the supply of cut, machined, and heat-treated material. The provision of all production processes is our advantage.

Our team


Even with the delivery of a sketch, we can make complex drawing documentation including 2D and 3D model necessary for actual production. Thanks to our experience we can simplify and make production processes more effective.


Supply of material

We offer to our customers a wide range of supplied assortment. Thanks to relations and contacts with all-European suppliers we are also able to supply specific grades of steel and non-ferrous alloys.  At the customer´s request, we supply a necessary amount in the required sizes, including certificates of conformity.



We provide comprehensive mechanical manufacturing both within our capacities and in cooperation with our reliable partners. We deal with any made-to-order, serial manufacturing, and production of small series including surface treatment and assembling.

Our services

Quality Control

Parts go through standard quality control. Based on specific requirements we are able to provide quality control including a protocol and 3D measurement.



Thanks to our transport we are able to respond quickly to customers´needs. In other cases, we use forwarding services.