Engineering company KT MetSteel

We are a Czech engineering trading company with its production facilities which are mainly concentrated on comprehensive mechanical manufacturing.

To meet growing customers´ requirements, we have invested in our production capacities so we can respond flexibly to individual requirements.
Thanks to a large fleet, which is being still extended, we perform most of the supplies and transportation by our cars right on the spot according to our customers´requirements.

We have also had experience with the supply of cut shapes, metallurgical material, and non-ferrous metals for several years. You can contact us with trust.

We work in a team of experienced people who create and build with an aim to leave after themselves something reasonable for us and other generations too. We care about good relationships with our partners and customers. Thus our approach to everything is to be responsible for our work so that our results make a good name for ourselves. 

We build with our customers long and strong relationships based on mutual reliance. It is important that a customer considers us as his partner, on whom he can rely and can demand anything.
We are not a big corporation that would be limited by some rules, possibilities, and firm portfolio services. We are not afraid of challenges and we would love to start anything new and reasonable.

Our target is to provide the best possible service, quality, communication, and price. We keep our promise. We are on the same wavelength and follow the same target. Each of us does our best to be for our customers an indispensable and reliable partner on his way to success.