Cutting, splitting

Cut shapes

We offer the production of precisely cut shapes from steel sheets and plates, stainless steel sheets and plates, steel material or from other metallurgical materials, and subsequently their surface treatment according to the customer´s requirement. We do cutting on CNC cutting machines.  We use these technologies in the production of cut products:

Laser cutting

Laser cutting

2 machines for the production of cut products by laser. Maximum plate dimensions: 20 mm x 2000 mm x 6000 mm

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

2 machines for shapecuttingwith plasma. Maximum plate dimensions: 300mm x 3500 mm x 12000 mm

Flame cutting

Flame cutting

Up to 4 torches for cut products oxygen+acetylene. Maximum plate dimensions: 3500 mm x 12000 mm

Besides shaped cutting we also offer other ways of material splitting:

Water jet

One machine for cutting by a water jet. Maximum plate dimensions: 3000 mm x 5000 mm


2 machine saws for material splitting.


One machine for cutting out shapes. Maximum plate dimensions: 1500 mm x 3000 mm

Thanks to modern machines and professionals in our ranks, we manage to meet flexibly your demands of shaped cutting. It can be because of a deadline, required quality, kind of material, or similar.

Either we produce cut shapes from our material or your supplied one.

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