MIG welding

MIG welding method is currently one of the most widespread welding methods in the world. It means welding with protective inert gas (opposite MAG welding method when protective active gas is used), which protects air from entering the welded metal (the weld pool). The principle consists in the fact that with the help of a welding machine moving the welding rod smoothly through the welding torch and with the help of an electrical arc created at the contact of the rod and weldment, the metal melts, then solidifies and forms a weld.

Which metals are welded by MIG method?

MIG method is suitable for welding copper and its alloys (then above all bronzes), aluminum and its alloys or titan, generally they are light weldable metals, and all of this with the use of internal gas.

Main advantages of MIG welding:

  • higher welding speed,
  • almost without a spatter,
  • high melting power,
  • the possibility of automation in the process of welding and thus high productivity
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