MAG welding

MAG (from English Metal Active Gas) means semi-automatic welding of metals in a protective atmosphere of an active gas (the opposite of TIG welding method, when an internal protective gas is used for welding). The active gas prevents air from entering the molten metal and also becomes involved in chemical reactions in a weld pool, so it actively participates in processes that are created in a molten welded metal.

The most used gases:

  • CO2,
  • Mixture of Argon + CO2,
  • Mixture of Argon + O2,
  • Multicomponent mixtures based on argon

Which materials are most often welded by MAG method?

The method MAG is used for welding plain carbon steel, low-alloy steel, and high-alloy steel and building-up.

Main advantages of MAG welding:

  • Higher welding speed,
  • Almost without a spatter,
  • High melting power,
  • The possibility of automation in the process of welding and thus high productivity
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