Comprehensive mechanical manufacturing

We provide both individual processes of engineering production and complex processes from A to Z. We produce orders from one piece to serial production. We own a wide range of quality machines, thanks to them we are able:

Cut all metallurgical material – we produce cut shapes (laser and plasma cutting, but also a combination of oxygen + acetylene). We can cut material in other ways such as cutting by a water jet, saw, or cutting out.

Process shapes – we have press-brake forming machines and machines for roll-bending.

Welding – we most often weld by TIG, MAG, MIG, and SAW methods, but we can also weld by other methods.

Machining – we turn, mill, grind, polish, and do boring but electro-erosion machining (electro-spark machining) is not foreign to us.

Surface treatment – from blasting, varnishing, eloxal coating, blackening and hardening up to nitriding or pickling.

And last but not least we also have our metallurgical material, transport, and quality assembly workers.

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