Bending of sheets, tubes, bars, sections, square tubes, rounds, and other metallurgical materials. If you need to bend metallurgical material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bending of sheets or other materials proceeds with high precision and without damage to the material. You can supply your material or we can supply it. (we offer a large assortment of metallurgical materials). 

Examples of sheet and plate bending

Plates and strips with a short bending length:
  • piece production, bending in a vice,
  • serial production, bending in bending machines (bending machines, bending rolls).

Plate bending

(CNC) bending of cut shapesand plates which is controlled by a computer is a production process made by press-brake forming presses. We have 6 press-brake forming presses with a pressure up to 4000 kN with a maximum length of an edge 6 000 mm at our disposal.

Bending of tubes and sections

We bend tubes, sections, square tubes, etc. in various ways. We own CNC machines for bending, tables for bending, and many other tools which help us to achieve the required result. We bend tubes either in CNC press-brake forming presses or in a vice when it is piece production.

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